Subject Thanks, Re: money deposited
From Pat Coyle


Thanks James.

When you can, please check on the availability and price for the
shipping container we talked about.

If you get a chance to talk with David Dyck, it would give you an
idea of when he plans to be able to clear fence lines and do other
work in the new year.

He will know before I do, based on the surveyor's completion and his
discussions with Manuel and Elda Soliz in August Pine Ridge (they
have agreed to help me with the place).

I'd like to get progress photos when as the work happens.

Take a look at http://belizeopensource.jot.com to get an idea of
where I am trying to go with the property. If you want to comment,
let me know and I will set you up to do so.

Have a good Thanksgiving and Holiday season. Tell your folks Hi for
me and wish them the best. Your Dad was a big help to me back then.
He helped me fly a C-172 through Mexico from Macallen, TX

Thanks again,

> I heard about the plane going down but nothing more
>yet. I'll send the pictures up this week. Thanks for
>the deposit.
>--- Pat Coyle wrote:
>> James,
>> Good to talk with you. I deposited $200 to your
>> account.
>> I look forward to seeing the next photos as we
>> discussed.
>> Did this recent storm cause you any damage. Our news
>> said they lost a
>> plane going to or from Blancaneaux Lodge.
>> Pat

patcoyle Tue, 01/31/2006 - 12:45