Subject buy em, Re: Cashew PLants
From Pat Coyle


Great Eric.

Let's buy them. I'll send a check to your credit union.

I also came across the Trees for the Future and talked briefly with
Dave Deppner at their MD headquarters about my project and their
Belize work described at

I also invited you in to so you can
edit, comment, etc. Please take a look.

I appreciate your coordinating with Manuel and Elda Soliz about
arranging transportation from Mr. Sylvestre's to the place at August
Pine Ridge.


>Hello Pat,
>I just this minute got off the phone with Mr.
>Sylvestre and he has agreed to sell you the 100 plants
>you wanted as we had discussed while I was in Los
>Please say what are your wishes on this and how do we

patcoyle Tue, 01/31/2006 - 12:50