Subject RE: follow up RE: brainstorming: 40 acre property in Belize
From Pat Coyle


Thanks Frank.

I welcome the opportunity to work together. Trees for the Future clearly has been at this a good while and it would be beneficial to open this up to their participation and draw on what they have learned.

Look forward to seeing how we can work together on this.

Learning more about Thara's TreesBelize, already registered as Belize NGO, could inform us about the pros and cons of setting up another NGO.

Thanks again,

Dear Pat,

Thanks for sharing your letter.

I thought you might like to know that Thara's TreesBelize is already registered as an NGO with the GOB.

You might want to discuss/exchange information with Thara the pros and cons of forming your own NGO.

Thara is a very busy woman, but I think she will be looking at your proposal and comment about the concepts.

If she is interested in your ideas, I'm sure you'll hear from her in due course. Thara has a lot of contacts!

Lastly, I suggest you at least explore the topic of seeing if there's a possibly working together in some fashion.

You certainly are moving along!

Kindest, Frank.

Frank T Brechin
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Belize, Central America
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patcoyle Tue, 01/31/2006 - 14:11