Subject follow up on Bz project
From Pat Coyle



Thanks for taking the time to talk with me about the Belize project I
am proposing.

I really appreciate your willingness to take a look at the initial
materials I have at

I invited you to participate so you can edit, comment, email
materials to the pages, etc.

Thanks also for your willingness to refer me to Thara Gamero Blanco,
Trees for the Future Program Belize Coordinator, and others who might
be interested.

Your many years of experience with CARE and in Belize will be
extremely helpful. The property is about 40 miles from your location
in Consejo.

Manuel and Elda Soliz in August Pine Ridge are helping me. They can
be reached at 323-3010. They can show you or others the property.
Natalio Soliz, has email and can be reached at "Natalio"

Eric Coleman is also assisting me. He is in Belize City and can be
reached at 203-2848.

We just arranged to get another 100 of Mr. Sylvestre's improved
selected cashew seedlings. With the 50 we obtained in August, this
will give us 150 for an initial planting.

We have discussed cashews and other tree and crop options with Thomas
Tillett, Ministry of Agriculture, who visited the site to assess the
initial cashew trees planted in '77.

Enrique Rivas, formerly with Ministry of Agriculture and now Director
and manager of reforestation at the Bante's NGO for bird
rehabilitation in Cayo, visited the site and discussed overall
approaches to the use of the property.

I look forward to your participation.


>Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 11:16:04 -0700
>To: Carl Lenox
>From: Pat Coyle
>Subject: Thanks; Re: interested
>Cc: Charlie Sellers, Kathy Voth
>, "Mary Kimball"
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>Thanks Carl.
>(Charlie I am copying you too, since I really enjoyed the brief
>discussion with you and Carl after the EWB AT kickoff.
>Kathy, , I am copying you to
>provide a quick update on where we are.)
>Carl, I appreciated your suggestions about permaculture and the
>potential applicability of teaching/internship models at the
>I also came across the Trees for the Future and talked briefly with
>Dave Deppner at their MD headquarters about my project and their
>work described at
>I'm trying to contact their folks in Belize as well.
>Please consider how you can engage, participate, and provide
>leadership for this project.
>I am attaching a response to Mary Kimball, Director,
>, about her suggestions to clarify
>the proposal. She is very busy and may not be able to provide
>feedback for a while. I'd appreciate any feedback you guys might
>offer. Then I, or we, do need to get the proposal cleaned up along
>lines Charlie suggested.
>I see it as a critical part of the plan/solution to be able to have
>it run with a management structure that does not require my
>presence, so I am seeking ideas on how to put together a team to
>address this.
>I think the the adjacent communities have many unmet needs that are
>opportunities for the kinds of projects that might be of interest to
>EWB or groups.
>As with the permaculture teaching/internship model, you may see
>other opportunities where this could fit into a class or independent
>study project as a testbed for planning, design, options evaluation,
>implementation, field work, reporting results, etc. Additionally,
>during down time there is all of Belize to jump off to and enjoy.
>My current priorities are getting people lined up who want to
>participate and setting it up as a non-profit in the states and a
>NGO in Belize.
>Another near-term priority is a an approach to the materials (e,g.,
>thatch roof, Mennonite wood construction, or concrete block) and a
>floor plan for the small toilet/shower/ mudroom/visitor building to
>be hooked up to the septic system (and grey water system).
>Please give it some thought and let me know if you have suggestions
>on that or anything else about the the whole thing.
>Think about the next thing you would build after a caretaker's
>thatched hut and sheep/goat shelter, in terms of where you would
>stay if you visited, or the next building after that., etc.
>If there are people you think we should contact, please invite them
>in. I think you have access to do so and to edit the site. Let me
>know if you don't. This wiki tool is new to me.
>>Hi Pat,
>>I met you at the EWB-SF Appropriate Technology meeting. I'd like
>>to be involved. We spoke a bit about permaculture and how these
>>concepts could apply. Also there's a teaching / internship model
>>associated with permaculture projects that fits in pretty well with
>>your "lend a hand" concept.
>>Anyway I'd like to keep in touch.

patcoyle Tue, 01/31/2006 - 14:12