Subject update on Bz project and Goats to Belize
From Pat Coyle


Belated hello all,

I've been focusing on property and project logistics.

Please take a look at http://belizeopensource.jot.com

I invited you to participate so you can edit, comment, email
materials to the pages, etc.

I stalled out on getting a load of goats together. Meanwhile, I've
been trying to get other things moving to prepare the property to
support livestock. I also am looking to see if one can source quality
goats closer to Belize.

We just arranged to get another 100 of Mr. Sylvestre's improved
selected cashew seedlings. With the 50 we obtained in August, this
will give us 150 for an initial planting.

We have discussed cashews and other tree and crop options with Thomas
Tillett, Ministry of Agriculture, who visited the site to assess the
initial cashew trees planted in '77.

Enrique Rivas, formerly with Ministry of Agriculture and now Director
and manager of reforestation at the Bante's NGO for bird
rehabilitation in Cayo, visited the site and discussed overall
approaches to the use of the property.

I look forward to your participation.


patcoyle Tue, 01/31/2006 - 14:19