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Let's continue a dialogue to see how you can engage, participate, and provide leadership for this project. Your practical experience with appropriate technology, as in the stove ventilation redesign is very useful, as is your on the ground experience in Belize.

I see it as a critical part of the plan/solution to be able to have it run with a management structure that does not require my presence, so I am seeking ideas on how to put together a team to address this.

I think the the adjacent communities have many unmet needs that are opportunities for the kinds of projects that might be of interest to EWB or your Engineers for a Better World group

As a student, you may see opportunities where this could fit into a class or independent study project as a testbed for planning, design, options evaluation, implementation, field work, reporting results, etc. Additionally, during down time there is all of Belize to jump off to and enjoy.

If there are people you think we should contact, please invite them in. I think you have access to do so and to edit the site. Let me know if you don't. This wiki tool is new to me.

Thanks for the prompt reply,

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On 11/7/2005 07:53 AM Dustin J. Haynie wrote:
Hi Pat,

First of all I would like to say that I am very interested in this project
so please keep me on your mailing list. I am going to assume you were given
my contact info by Julie VanLaanen?. I am currently a sophomore Chemical
Engineering student and CSM and very involved in our own offshoot of EWB
called Engineers for a Better World. The club broke off from EWB two years
ago because we wanted to pursue projects aimed at all levels of skill not
just upper level senior design type projects.

I am not too sure how much you know about my involvement with previous
projects so I will give you a quick synopsis. Last spring I was involved in
an EPICS II (introductory engineering design type projects geared towards
sophomores) that was working on creating a ventilation system for the open
fire stoves that the villagers in the village which Julie VanLaanen? has been
working with for the past several years cook on. At the end of the semester
I was given the opportunity to travel with the Senior Design team to Belize,
so I have some limited experience working on a project in Belize.

I am very interested being involved in this project. If you are looking for
more student support I am the treasurer of Engineers for a Better World at
CSM and we are always looking for projects to get involved in. If there is
anything I could do to be of help right now, please let me know. I look
forward to hearing more about this project in the future.

Dustin Haynie

patcoyle Tue, 01/31/2006 - 12:37