potential projects list

potential projects list

Attached EXCEL file shows the kinds of projects we have identified. It was prepared as a way to estimate the range of donations dollars that might be expected to flow through EWB during period they acted as fiscal agent. The estimate is based on the list of identified potential projects or programs, the preliminary estimated cost (or income), and assumptions about their timing and fund raising, volunteer outreach, and engagement approaches. The estimates are preliminary and conceptual in most cases, in some cases only a "WAG"  placeholder. They need to be updated as the detailed scope is defined. More importantly, the ideas need to be validated against real community needs.

The spreadsheet includes information about the following potential projects:

  • Integrated community gardens
  • Goat/sheep grazing
  • Community outreach and needs assessment
  • On-site infrastructure
  • Develop cooperative teaming relationships
  • Pilot and demonstrate appropriate technologies
  • Agroforestry and tree crops
  • Pastured poultry
  • High-speed internet access and distance learning
  • Ongoing initiatives to secure funding
  • Youth and young adult programs
  • Residents building
  • Pilot and demonstrate improved crops
  • Pilot and demonstrate improved livestock
  • Aquaculture
  • Composting
  • Pigs
  • Solar and wind power installations
  • Ongoing projects and programs identification
  • Mushrooms
  • Training center
  • Educational ecotourism
  • Micro-enterprise development program/Microfinance
  • Permaculture workshops and internships at the property
  • Other workshops
  • Courses
  • Internships
  • Light-footprint accommodations
  • Visitors accommodations
  • Multipurpose facility for teaching, presentations, potentially dining

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