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Subject I know you are swamped, re: 40 acre property in Belize
From Pat Coyle



Thanks for checking back.

I know you are swamped, so please don't worry - obviously this does not have hard deadlines. I really do appreciate your keeping it in mind.

A few quick updates:
I got a really thoughtful reply from Edilberto Romero, Executive Director, Programme for Belize, who was born and grew up in the nearby community of August Pine Ridge. He had some excellent suggestions.

I have been able to buy another 100 of the improved variety cashew seedlings, bringing the total we have to plant to 150. We have been waiting till the hurricanes/tropical storm rains let up.

The Government Land Adjudication Program survey of the property and the whole area has nearly been completed and the boundary markers have been flagged, so we we will soon be able to line out the property and clear the boundaries for fencing and a fire-break buffer strip.

I made contact with Trees for the Future and their people in Belize who have TreesBelize?, a Belize NGO, and we are exploring if there's a possibly of working together.

Happy Holidays.

Thanks again,

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On 12/7/2005 9:29 PM Mary Kimball wrote:
Thanks, Re: referral re: 40 acre property in Belize

Wanted to check in - I am so sorry, but we are really, really swamped. Everything from an end-of-year donation letter to get out to a huge proposal due next week.

I am not sure at all when I will get to this.