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  • cost and schedule estimates

  • See the following details for preliminary tasks
  • Scoping estimate for initial improvements to start operation is about $25k US, including 25% contingency.

Belize project
Preliminary scoping estimate for initial improvements
Task/Item Planned End Date projected date Estimate
$k (US)
Basis of estimate Comments or ongoing costs
select management structure 11/18/05 4/30/06     Documents drafted. Currrent identified approach is to use Nolo Press book to set up CA non-profit and work with Eric Coleman to set up Belize NGO. Key is the actual participation and engagement of others.
Complete sheep/goat shelter 11/30/05 4/30/06 0.200 estimate: M. Soliz, see notes Agreed to in August '05 visit. Provide livestock shelter near caretaker residence. Fenced, secure, with water.
Establish survey corners and property lines 11/30/05 1/15/2006
    Telecon with Swede Survey, Land Adjudication Program, indicate they completed and submitted the survey work data to Belmopan.  Mrs. Petzold, the adjudicator, expected a month or so to review data for completion, then hold meetings to resolve issues. Manuel Soliz, 1/25/06 telecon, wants to hand clear the lines for David Dyck to be able to clear with equipment.
provide design for small building: shower/toilet/mudroom/adjacent  visitor/office space 11/30/05 3/31/06     David Dyck, Mennonite Constructor, needs floor plan and design details to put this building in with septic system he will also do. The current approach is based along the lines of the Maho Bay eco-universally accessible units with adjacent use space. Alternative is prefab as estimated below, or thatch on a slab raised floor for the plumbing.
Update business and project planning documents 12/30/05 3/31/06     Prepare a full set of updated project and business plan documents. Incorporate feedback from participants. Include plans, maps, cost etimates and actuals to-date. Show tasks in a schedule with logic.
Hand clear area in front for caretakers place and to the road  12/30/05 Complete 0.300 Manuel, estimates $10-12.50 US per mecate, less for lighter areas;
confirm TBD mecates; $TBD
May require rework, given rain delays. Manuel has had this done, has been waiting for rains to stop to proceed with other activities
Plant initial improved cashews 12/30/05 3/31/06 0.025 day or 2 of labor Plant initial 50 (plus additional 100) improved variety cashew seedlings from Louie Sylvestre. Protect from grazing livestock. Purchased another 100. Got the initial set in Aug. '05, but the hurricane rains have delayed planting them and picking up the additional 100.
Complete caretakers residence 12/30/05 4/30/06 1.500 estimate: M. Soliz, for 12 by 18 ft taciste walls, thatch roof, similar to their kitchen. see notes Note in August Manuel and Elda thought caretaker salary around 100 -150 Bz per week, 200-300US per month; later talking with D. Dyck he said daily pay starts at $25 Bz per day, so 125 for a 5 day week; he said maybe a little less for caretaker
Connect water from main to to site 12/30/05 5/17/06 0.200 Check: $15-20 US to hookup and first 10 feet, then TBD $/foot;
guess 200 US; then was $8Bz per month, moving to metered rates: 1500 gals for $8, the 1/2 cent per gallon
Arranged for during August '05 visit. Hurricane rains have delayed cutting taciste posts for walls and thatch for roof. Caretaker presence is essential to avoid losses.

Need caretaker residence, then get APR water board to bring line to facilities with yard and connection to restroom/shower etc. building. Need livestock watering installation as well.

Complete small building: shower/toilet/mudroom/adjacent visitor/office space 11/30/05 5/17/06 5.200 Estimate based on Mennonite house builder price lists:
shower stall, toilet, wash basin: $500 US
electrical interior wiring: $700 US
bldg: ~10 by 18 ft, with 4 ft deck; 180 sf @ $22 US/SF; $3960 US
Sum $5160 US
Connect water to facilities 12/30/05 5/31/06      
Complete septic system and grey water installation 11/30/05 5/17/06 1.500 estimate: D. Dyck (1.5 Bz for septic, 3 stage, plus pipe)  
Complete plumbing from building to septic system 11/30/05 5/17/06 0.200 Guess  
Clear property lines, provide ~20' smooth buffer around perimeter 2/15/06 5/17/06 1.500 estimate: D. Dyck; 2 days with dozer David Dyck has agreed to clear fence lines and a perimeter buffer to provide fire protection and smooth access to bushhog as required. He also will set fence posts with front-end loader and will coordinate with Manuel Soliz for the fencing wire installation.
purchase fence posts 2/15/06 5/17/06 1.600 estimate: D. Dyck; posts 5.50Bz each @10 feet, for perimeter  
Install fence posts 2/15/06 5/17/06 0.500 estimate: D. Dyck  
Install fence wire 2/15/06 5/31/06 2.000 estimate: D. Dyck; about $2k Bz/mi for barb wire; not sure how much more for sheep fencing  
Submit non-profit and Bz NGO documents 12/30/05 5/31/06     Edit scanned example Eric Coleman provided for Bz documents. Complete Nolo Press documents.
Connect electrical service to initial facilities 1/30/06 5/31/06 3.500 Mr Guiterrez, BEL, noted one of their smaller 25kVa transformers and 5 low voltage poles that ran about $7000 BZ; we want bigger 200 amp service but need fewer poles
so guess $3500 US
Need caretaker presence. Then have electrician mount serice hardware on post we constructed in August '05, then apply to BEL to bring power to service point and then to facilities. Wire the facilities.
Acquire initialsheep/goats 2/15/06 5/31/06 0.600 In August sheep were available in SY at ~$1 Bz/lb; or $80 Bz for 80 lb bred ewe, start with 20, $800 Bz or $400 US, plus $200 US for improved ram Planned during Aug. '05 visit. Once have caretaker, fencing, water, then can stock the place. Consider if can hit it hard with large numbers of stock on lease/pasture basis; also acquire smaller herd for ongoing operation.
Continue planning and evaluation of other potential uses         Once establish basic operation, then pursue this.
Identify core participants for management structure         Key is get a core team to engage
Sub-total     18.825 18.8  
Contingency @ 25%   4.706 4.7  
Total     23.531 23.5